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The GariVara Rental a Car Management System contain the data on the vehicle fleet and information about the specific vehicles. GariVara Rent a Car Management System contain all the information about cars and customer, customer easily hire any car to contact with owner of the car.

            All the information about the car rents, specific car avail or not, pick up location, pick up date and drop out date are store also in GariVara.com

The scope of the GariVara.com is to provide a clear and easy options to get information about the car and hire any car. It will help the store managers and corporate office when they need to file reports and check on rentals etc.


GariVara Rent a car Management System is basically build for customers, customer are easily hire a car. GariVara.com integrate with other site when user like any car rents, car rent service and  want to share it with other social site like Facebook, twitter etc.

 In this situation GariVara.com integrate with other social site. if user have an account on this site then user easily sign in on social site and share it, otherwise first of all account an account on specific social site and then share it.


The basic function of GariVara.com is to give all the information about cars, like car rent, car condition, car picture, car model and car color. GariVara.com also provide a facility to the customer to know that a specific car is avail for rent or not? Information about different cars are store in GariVara.com

 GariVara.com provide a facility to fill the all sign up fields and register. GariVara.com also provide a facility to user that user easily log in by given username/phone number. The specification of all the cars are store in our site. Different drivers are also avail in GariVara.com , if any user hire a car with driver so extra charges will be apply. Car pick up and drop out date also store in GariVara.com , if any use does not drop out car on specific fix date then extra charges will be applied.