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1) How to Register New User?
1) Click on Log in/Register
2) Select  Sign Up Option
3)Give Full name, Mobile number, Email Address, Password, Confirm Password.
4)Check I Agree with Terms and Conditions.
5) Click On Sign Up Button.
2) How to Log in User?
1) Open Log in Form.
2) Give User Name and Password.
3) Click on Log in Button.
3) How to Open Admin Panel?
1) Go to About Us.
2) Select "√Ądmin Log in"
3) Give User name "Admin" and Password "Admin"
4)Click Log in.
4) Procedure to Rent a Car?
First of all
1) Login User if have an account otherwise Register first. 
2)User select a car 
3)Give Booking information 
4)data from, data to and a message
5) Then Press ok...