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Privacy Policy

GariVara.com. is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy in accordance to the data protection laws and thus takes great care to ensure the protection of any personal data collected from you on this website. Understanding the responsibility towards the data collected, we make sure the information, if, used is solely for legitimate business purposes.

Read the following privacy policy carefully to understand the basis on which the personal data collected is used, by us at this website.

Booking Information:

When you make bookings with us, you need to provide us with basic details including your full name, residential address, your contact number as well as credit/debit type along with its expiry date. To process the booking, we also require you to provide the driver's age. As a car hire booking agent, GariVara.com. passes your given booking information (name, mobile number and pick-drop location) to our car rental suppliers/vehicle drivers so that they can communicate with you easily and timely.


In order to serve you with better service, GariVara.com. web site makes limited use of cookies. However, we make sure we don't store any of your credit card or personal information in these cookies. They contain some basic information about your visit (such as country you selected etc.) or a session id number.

Secure Transactions:

GariVara.com. is committed to make sure that the details provided in making a booking is kept secure. We make use of Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology as a standard process, to secure the information. This technology encrypts all the personal details including your credit card information given by you, in such a way that it cannot be misused or read as it's passed on internet. After the completion of the transaction, your given information is secured on the computer and not server, to ensure that it's safe and cannot be accessed via internet.